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 from Mike NY

Hey Guys!!
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Jake is doing!! He is just loaded with personality and is making us laugh and bringing us happiness every single day! He is such a brilliant little guy, almost completely potty trained already! We start camping in May and can't wait to take him! He is going to be in his glory! His favorite thing to do already is go for a walk...If I even mention the word, his little butt wiggles from the time I hook the leash until we are out the door! I will keep you updated and upload some pics when I get a chance! Thanks again for bringing him into our lives!

Rose Ann, CT

 Hi Lev and Bella,

I hope that you're doing OK!
Katy is doing very well. She's becoming more active and playful and is such a joy! She loves her toys, but I think her favorite is the leash! I can't get her to stop chewing on it - even though I spray it with "Yuck". I guess I need to soak it in it! LOL! She enjoys going to work with her daddy and Molly everyday. She is the talk of the store:)

We cannot thank you enough for this new blessing in our home. We love her dearly. You can tell from the pictures:)

Happy Holidays and God Bless.Rose Ann

Staten Island,NY

Dear Julia, Bella and Lev,
It has only been two weeks since I brought Lexi home and yet what a wonderful experience it has been!  She is so sweet and outgoing, energetic and loving that everyone who meets her falls in love with her.  We are constantly amazed with the spirit, intelligence and sense of adventure she displays, and I can only credit the excellent care and love she received from all of you for shaping her into the puppy she is today.  You were so gracious opening your home and allowing us to visit with the puppies and being able to meet Lexi’s parents!  I was deeply impressed by your devotion and love for all of your little ones.  I feel that not only have I found a wonderful new friend in Lexi, but wonderful friends in your fantastic family as well!  Whenever someone admires Lexi, I am very happy to  give them your website.  I tell them how delighted they will be to be able to follow the progress of the new little ones, as I followed Lexi’s litter.

Once again, thank you for my wonderful little Lexi.
Warmest Regards,
Marianne Fargo

Rhode Island

I am so happy they all have found homes. Our little Fannie (Topaz) is doing well here in RI. Our 3 year old cocker spaniel (Abner) has taken to her right from the start and loves playing with her, he is acting like his old self again before his sister past away. We are so happy!!! Fannie is very smart, she is ringing the bells to go outside to do her duties and understands a few commands. Thank you for our little girl.

Martin Fernandes

Millie and Kathy, MA

 Dear Lev and Bella,

 We want to tell you how wonderful Maisy is and how much she likes her new home. Just a note of thanks again for our beautiful little girl, She. 's a little peanut  Full of energy!
Happy and people loving! He is just the perfect little girl She is already sitting on command, shaking on command, comes when called, and this morning she rang the bells at the front door to go out! She plays like a wound up toy and then drops like a lead ballon!

Millie, Kathy 

Cherrie and Bella, IN

Finnegan says Hi. He slept all night. Was ready for a trip outside to do his business at 5:30am. We are so proud of how well he is following our other cocker "his big brother Louie" He has pooped out side every time. The only accidents have been tinkles and we have seen all of them to quickly clean them up and help him know not to go inside. He and Louie have been busy playing all day in between nap time. He is thriving wonderfully loves his food fixed just like you said.
High five Paws and Tails wagging

Tons of hugs and puppy kisses,

Brooklyn, NY

 Dear Lev and Bella.

Thank you so much for bringing Lily into our lives. She is absolutely adorable, playful, healthy and merry puppy! The whole family is enjoying her greatly. She is running around the house, following us everywhere, so it's quite a challenge not to step on her

Dear Julia, thank you in particular for being very prompt and detailed on your emails and phone replies! We'll definitely recommend NYCCockersPlace to all, our friends interested in upcoming litters from you.

Rimma ,Kama & Dan


Elizabeth, NJ

 Hello Julia, Bella and Lev

Sasha is doing wonderful. She is so good. She is more gorgeous in person than the pretty pictures and videos. I have never seen a more beautiful puppy in my life.We are so glad we have her. Thank you ,Thank you,Thank you!!!!!

We are very interested in a female puppy and see that you have a litter coming in December.  Please let us know if there is an availability.We have already filled out an application.  Thanks!!!

Jon and Maria

Milford, NJ

 Hey Julia Lev and Bella

We just wanted to write and say "Thank You!" for such a sweet and beautiful Puppy!  Thank you for the care and love that you give each puppy that passes through your hands . The dogs that you have are of such good quality and character.We want to get chocolate puppy boy for my sister and see that you have a litter coming in December.Please email me if you will have 1 chocolate  boy for my sister. Sooo many, thank you again !!!!

Leny , Elana Ann and Family

West Haven, CT

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know that we got home safely with our new pup.  She seems to be quite happy, she slept most of the way home, spent some time exploring the apartment, and now is resting again.  I guess it was an eventful day for her.  We are so happy to have her and are excited to watch her grow up.  We'll be in touch.  Thanks again for everything!

James and Ellen


Point Pleasant, NJ

 Hey Julia Bella

Molly's doing great! We can't believe how much she has grown in one week. She's slowly getting housebroken; she's making real progress now. She's a smart girl--she knows come, sit and now I'm working on down. She is soooo good.We went for our first vet visit and he is perfect in every way She is an AWESOME girl!!! We LOVE her so much..

Thank so much for sharing these beautiful girl with us 

Joanne,Jon and Rose


I was very nice to meet all of you guys yesterday Joslyn did very well in the plane and sleep like a baby last night, I have her with me in my office she is a little angle and so well behave
she is sleeping right now, as soon as I get a chance I will send you a picture of her with the kids.
Thank you again


Dear Lev and Bella,
Thank you for such lovely girl, she make each and every day exciting.She’s doing very well with her house training and rings a bell near the door when she wants to go out (mostly).She has the softest hair of any cocker I have ever had!  She’s full of energy and likes to take walks on her leash.We love you, and thanks again for our  cocker angel.


Jackie, NJ

Hi Bella,
Congratulations on your new puppies! I just love the names. Lila Belle is so mellow, sweet, and smart (not to mention
she is sooo beautiful). I wanted to let you know that Lila is great! She is the best little puppy we have ever had.. Thank you for raising such great cocker
Jackie and Scott

Jane, MA

 Dear Lev,

Molly has really blossomed!!!! She really loves having the run of the whole house now. She's up, she's down - she's all around. She follows my husband wherever he goes, and she has also recently learned to jump up on my bed. She stays for a while, but then if he's still up she'll wander downstairs to see him. She just has the cutest little face and is so lovable. She loves to give kisses. My mom thinks that she is the cleanest dog around because she's always giving herself a bath - and me too!!!

Love Jane


Hi Bella

I just wanted to write you and share a few pictures of Belly.. She is going on 10 weeks old and is doing GREAT, I Love her So so Much & she's is so Lovable to Everyone.. I can go on & on about how Great she is....Thanks & God Bless You & your Family

Thanks again for a truly precious puppy that we adore.

Donna and Family 

Virginia Mike


I cannot Thank You Enough For Bonny, Bonny & I include you & your family in our Prayers everynight... I will send you a few video's of Bonny for you to see how he acts when I ask him if he loves me and when I tell him he's a good boy, You will be lost for words... I know your busy now with all the new puppies and xmas coming up so I will email you later on...

Thanks again for the most Beautiful, Lovable, Best Dog in The World... 

Tom, Buffalo NY

Dear Lev,

Toby knows the Words if I say "you wanna go outside" or go bye bye or if I say grandma or grandpa is coming, Toby knows so much that it amazes me, I can go on and on about how smart Toby is, Toby Always Talks to Me when I ask him if he Loves Me, & when I ask Toby for a Kiss he gives me One, That was the 1st Thing I taught him was to give kisses & my dad gets a kiss every night from Toby before he goes to bed....
Thanks again for everything!

Best to you and yours!