If you are interested to make a cute & furry present, order your puppy

You can call me for more information :

 917- 608-8477

We are located in Staten Island, New York  just 25 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. 

If you to get a puppy from me...

1. You know everything about the pup from day one.

2. You can meet the pup's parents.

3. You know the pup hasn't had a troubled life.

4. You are not encouraging irresponsibility.

5. We will have references.

6. You can get another similar dog.

7.We  will be available to you throughout your dog's life.

Pet store puppies come from puppymills.

Pet store employees will tell you anything to sell a puppy at their inflated prices. But they won't tell you that a lot of these dogs:

  • Are MOST if not ALL of them come from a "pupy mill"
  • Carry falsified AKC registration papers or some pet registry papers
  • Do NOT meet the breed standard
  • Carry preventable genetic defects