Welcome to NYC Cockers Place


We are small group of hobby breeders of American Cockers Spaniels.

We only have puppies couple times a year

Yes we have puppies!!!!


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 Champion Bloodline Cocker Pups





What makes us exceptional is our unique location - we live and raise our dogs in Staten Island, NY,  just 25 miles away from Midtown Manhattan.  

If you would like to visit the greatest city in the world, and get an adorable new puppy while you are at it, then you are in the right place.  

We are easily accessible to Manhattan by a free ferry ride, which crosses the Hudson river near the Statue of Liberty, or by car via the breathtaking Verazzano Narrows bridge. 


~~~We are very proud of the quality of   our dogs~~~

We NEVER use outside kennels, stores or puppy mills.  All of our dogs are members of the family and live inside of our house. 

Our 3 daughters help us raise and take care of the puppies and grown dogs. Our house is always  open to relatives and friends. Therefore, all our dogs grow very "social" 

The Cocker Spaniel has an irresistible disposition, merry and friendly temperament. They well adapt to most environments, and are wonderful with children.  

With his stub of a tail beating a mile a minute he will break his neck to please his master and be close to his family.  


 Thank you for your interest in our puppies!


No puppy mills, brokers, stores or kennels